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Most people seek chiropractic and massage care for relief of neck pain, back pain and headaches. However, as more people discover the long-term wellness benefits, the demand for affordable routine chiropractic and massage care is growing.

Chiropractic Services

Can you imagine experiencing changes in your life like better posture, less pain, restored mobility and improved sleep? We can, because it’s what we help people discover every day.

At Express Chiropractic & Wellness, we provide ‘evidence based chiropractic’ which means it is the type of care that has research to back the effectiveness and safety. Pay per visit, buy a block of visits at a discount or make a commitment to your health by joining a monthly Wellness Plan and experience all the benefits that routine chiropractic care can have on your life.

WHat to Expect on the First Visit


If you have muscles that need attention but don’t want to invest the time and money into getting a full massage, then Express Muscle Relief Therapy (MRT) may be the perfect fit for you.

MRT is a combination of stretching, trigger point therapy and myofascial massage that specifically targets your problem area(s) and allows you to get the most muscle tension relief in a shorter period of time.

No undressing and no hassles, just relax and let our experts do what they do best. All sessions are 10 minutes in length but if there isn’t anyone waiting then feel free to extend your time up to 30 minutes per session.


No Appointment Needed
Licensed Chiropractors
Care Customized to Your Comfort
Evening & Saturday Hours


Express Chiropractic & Wellness provides quality chiropractic care at a price that makes feeling great feel even better!

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If you have never experienced a chiropractic adjustment then you may not be sure what to expect on the first visit. The doctor will begin by taking a thorough history and completing an evaluation of your spine. Once it is determined you are a good candidate for care, you will receive your first adjustment. An adjustment is a light to moderate force into the spinal bones that have lost their proper motion or alignment which may result in pressure on the joints and nerves in the surrounding area. This is commonly called a ‘subluxation’ (sub–lux–a–tion) And while each office uses slightly different techniques to adjust and improve the health of your spine, at Express Chiropractic you can rest assured your doctor is: licensed, experienced, professional, well trained.