Common Conditions That Bring People to the Chiropractor

Chiropractic treatments are becoming more and more popular with people who are experiencing pain in different areas of their bodies.

Chiropractors are known for using a more hands on approach to health through spinal manipulation, which a therapeutic procedure more commonly known as an adjustment. Chiropractic treatment is a more conservative approach to healthcare in that it does not involve the use of medications or surgical procedures, rather it focuses on relieving aches and pains through non-medical approaches. If you are suffering from neck or back pain and are wondering if chiropractic can help, there’s a good chance it can.

Chiropractic is a very popular option for both adults and children, with an estimated 35 million people in the United States visiting a chiropractic annually according to the American Chiropractic Association.

Conditions That Chiropractors Can Help With

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of conditions that chiropractors can help with.

Lower Back Pain
The most common reason why people visit a chiropractor is because they’re experiencing low back pain. Approximately 31 million Americans experience lower back pain. A study in Spine Magazine from 2015 has shown better results from manual thrust manipulation from a chiropractor than with general medical care.

Neck Pain

Neck pain is another common reason that people will seek chiropractic care. In 2006, 13.2 million people visited a hospital or physicians’ office for neck pain. It’s also been reported that 15.1 percent of the US population claim that neck pain is their most common pain complaint. Recent studies have shown that neck adjustments from a chiropractor can have better results than with long-term medications. If you have neck trouble, consider seeing a chiropractor as your first option.

Sacroiliac Pain

The sacroiliac joint, also known as the SI Joint, is a large joint located at the bottom end of your spine. Technically located in the pelvis, pain in this region is oftentimes misinterpreted as lower back pain, though sometimes patients present with pain in both areas. This condition is more common with older people, but others can suffer from it as well. Common symptoms include pain in the buttocks and sometimes there will be pain shooting into the legs. Visiting a chiropractor can help. Chiropractors will restore proper motion to the SI joints, which will save you from straining the joint further and making the condition worse. Chiropractors will also be able to suggest different types of stretches and exercises that can help strengthen your core muscles and that can help reduce the pain.

Tension Headaches

Another common condition that affects people all over the world is the tension headache. Tension headaches cause terrible pain in the neck and shoulders and can even extend further down the back. Excessive stress and poor posture can cause tension headaches. Many people visit a chiropractor for this condition and it definitely can help.

Changes in lifestyle, like incorporating meditation and exercise as a way of stress management, can lead to major changes in overall health. Many chiropractors have been trained to identify the need for such lifestyle changes and teach ways to introduce them in their patients lives. Starting simple is the key, but this can lead to major health changes.

Migraine Headaches
It has been estimated that 1 billion people around the globe suffer from different types of migraine headaches. Studies show that some migraines are caused by stress. Going to a chiropractor can help you relax and reduce strain and stress on the spinal joints and muscles. Lowering stress levels came have profound effect on migraine frequency.

Chiropractor may not be able to completely fix the problem, but they can help with a reduction in the frequency of migraines, which is why chiropractic should always be a first choice in treatment.


Chiropractic is an awesome option if you’re having pain in your back and neck or if you’re suffering from headaches. Chiropractors are able to locate the cause of the pain and make changes in the body through adjustments. With this new understanding of what chiropractic is and what it can help with, we hope we have been able to provide you with a better solution to your health.


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